Remembering Niko

Remembering the journey


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Wow…. here we are. The 4th year I will spend without Niko.

I am proud of some accomplishments from 2012

– I took on more responsibility with HART, and while I still don’t have ‘approval’ from the hubby to foster YET, I have taken on more to help

– Hayley really excelled in Agility and I feel we both learned so much in the 9 months of classes we took

– I survived a move, and feel like we have all adjusted well

For 2013 I have a few goals, but trying to stick to the ‘animal’ front… my first is

– Start competing in agility 🙂

More to come.

April 2013 – FIRST FOSTER!!!

Yay! It finally happened. Hubby finally ‘let’ me foster. Just a single kitten to start. She’s a doll and I can’t imagine we’ll have her long. To my surprise, however, hubby is falling in love. I guess I knew the FIRST one would be hard. I am sure I will cry quite a bit when she goes to her forever home. But then we can get another kitten or two to foster. 🙂 Here is a little video of the darling Kodi.

and a few pics….

kodi-2013-04-03-2  kodi-2013-04-03-1

We’ve had several fosters since! It’s been great 🙂

June 2013

Hayley is rocking her agility. We’ll be trialing soon. I’m having so much fun with her!

July 2013… 4 years since you died. 😦 I made you this:

As the year draws to a close…

It’s nearly your 21st birthday. I’ll be sure to toast you. I will miss you, again, this Christmas. I have your jingle bell collar out. Hayley doesn’t love it, but she’ll wear it. We’ve been on a few walks to look at lights. I loved doing that with you… and you loved the cold weather. *sigh*

Our agility trials are off to a great start. We earned a Novice Jumpers Title in ASCA, and in AKC, we earned our Novice JWW and our Novice Standard titles. We are now at the next level to kick of 2014. I’m having a ball and Hayley is so good. It’s also a welcomed break from rescue. I still put in a lot of time for HART, but it is so emotionally difficult to know what kind of horrible people there are in the world. I need a positive outlet like agility.

All of our wonderful kitties are keeping us feeling loved. Chance is my little heart cat though… I’m telling you… I could explode every time I see him.

We are on our 4th set of fosters. 2 adults we are giving a ‘break’ to from the Sterling Petsmart.

8 days until I have time off. Time to spend with loved ones. Time that I look forward to, and hope so much that I don’t spend it stressed. (Note to self, get more wine). 🙂 I love my Niko memories from this time of year, and while I still cry all these years later, I smile too. xo


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January 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm

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  1. She was so adorable yesterday!


    April 8, 2013 at 6:16 pm

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